l'oréal my uv patch and uv sense

Our first task was to redesign My UV Patch – an innovative technology that measures UV exposure and, through a corresponding mobile app, gives feedback to prevent harmful skin damage. While the benefits of the wearable patch are clear, we saw an opportunity to refine both the size and the style of the patch to reach a broader audience. Our goal was to pare the product down to its most necessary elements, and then reconfigure and redesign the patch to fit different personal styles.

After designing My UV Patch, L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator came back with an entirely new technology: a UV wearable mere millimeters in thickness. We explored different opportunities to apply this technology, looking at ways in which users could discreetly incorporate the sensor into their daily lives. The sensor also had to remain visible to sunlight, without impeding our personal style. We decided to adhere the sensor onto our thumbnail – a part of the body that remains exposed to sunlight, but discreet enough that the wearable could seamlessly work in our daily lives.